Once a press release has been… er, released… then I guess you can reasonably say that something is official. So here it is: with great pleasure, I introduce you to LIFTOFF LAW llc!

Here’s a link to the website, and here’s a link to last week’s press release.

What is LIFTOFF LAW? We are a collaborative of eight senior marketing and business development specialists who have joined forces to to provide turnkey business development and marketing support to BigLaw spin-offs, new boutiques, virtual law firms and traditional firms engaged in new initiatives.

It’s a great group of people to be associated with. The structure of the group enables us to continue delivering the high-quality, focused expertise that we each possess already (whether that’s as a writer, a designer, a marketer, a business coach, a public-relations professional or a web-development specialist), while offering direct access to a menu of coordinated services that can take a client’s business from A to Awesome.

It’s the best of both worlds. Clients can (and hopefully will!) continue to come to me for my professional legal/business writing services — but if they need something more, it’s just a phone call away.

I. Can’t. Wait.