A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the two audiences a legal/business writer must keep in mind when creating any sort of content that will — or may — appear online: the real, human readers of your story, and the search engines that will scour your story for keywords, phrases and links.

PRWeb has recently put out an interesting white paper on “Writing Great Online News Releases.” The subtitle is “How to release your news across the web to get the best results.” And what does it say on page 3 of the whitepaper? I quote:

“To get noticed you need to write for two audiences: The people searching for your businesses, products and services [and] the search engines that find your content and bring it to those people.”

You can get a free copy of the white paper at this link. Before you can start the download PRWeb does ask you to create a free account, but you have the option (when registering) to uncheck the box allowing the company to send you its updates.