It’s been a while since I was last online here. Nearly three years, as a matter of fact.


That said, let me reassure everyone who’s been anxiously tapping at the door of my blog, but failing to get a response, that my absence has been for very good reasons. Positive life changes; a freelance writing practice that, nearly 20 years after I started this “You mean, I can write for a living?!” gig, continues to grow by leaps and bounds (even during the dark recession years, knock wood); a move across the country from Chicago to Seattle; huge leaps in my non-writing creative output…

…well, most days I simply ran out of time to do everything on my list. And even if I did have the energy or desire to write even more than the amount I typically do every day, there’s a lot of clamor out there in the blogosphere (most of it of the “look at me” type). I wasn’t sure I had anything new to say.

Until I read this. Anxious for a mental break and looking for a movie to see this fine early summer evening, I came across this synopsis of a new release playing at my local cinema:

This is the story of the relationship between two characters, Bunny and Naina, at two separate but defining times in their lives… first, when they are just out of college and standing on the crossroads of multiple decisions that will shape who and what they become… and then later on, in their late-twenties when they meet again, holding on to certain fulfilled and certain unfulfilled dreams, at a crossroads of another nature this time… how these two characters affect, change, befriend and eventually fall in love with each other is the journey the film aspires to take us on…

To be fair, this is clearly a translation into English. It’s possibly even an automated Google translation. But really, even if you imagine what must have been in the source language — could there be any greater lesson in how to say nothing in 100 words or more?

Friends, I implore you: When you write, have something to say, and say it. Say it funny, say it sad, say it fast, say it slow… but please, say something!