I am an extraordinarily fortunate person in many, many ways. Here’s one: I am able to pursue a broad range of interests and passions.

Photography has been an interest of mine for a long time. More accurately, it was an interest of mine a long time ago. But after learning B&W darkroom techniques in high school and college and spending a few years hovering over the chemical baths, I guess I moved on to other interests.

With life being the great wheel that it is, however, the desire to take my own photos and to create something from them has come back. To get right to it, here are a few shots I’ve taken recently:

Neptune Theater, Seattle, Washington

Laughing Man, Morton Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

Red Square, Seattle, Washington

To keep myself shooting and practicing, I’ve done two things:

First, I’ve created a Flickr page of Images du Jour. I upload a new photo every day. Feel free to take a look, if you’re so inclined.

Second, I’m participating in Seattle-based Photo Center NW’s Long Shot 2013, the latest edition of the organization’s annual 24-hour photo marathon.

It should be a great summer solstice weekend. I hope you have a good one, too.